The Best Spinner and Article Builder Integration with Senuke

There are a lot of programs that claim they have the best spinner and article builder for Senuke, but the truth things are not that simple. While there are some high quality spinning programs available online, others are of poor quality and not worth trying, even if they’re free or very cheap. If you want to get the most out of your articles, create and build them the right way, you need to make sure that you’re using the right tools.

What Makes for a Good Article Builder?

The best article builder for Senuke is one that offers full integration and compatibility, and one that’s easy to use. After all, even the best application is useless if it requires users to undergo special training or the interface makes it difficult to navigate. What you need is something like Article Builder for Senuke which can generate quality content with one just a click.

No one questions the fact that quality articles are necessary to get visitors to your site and rank, but writing them or paying people to write them is time consuming and expensive. Instead you are better off with an article builder that produces content based on the keywords and topics you provide. While there are many article builders that claim to do this, the quality varies, and the good ones are different and superior to PLR (private label rights).

The biggest difference between an article builder and PLR is a PLR provides members with the same articles. Even if those articles are high quality, they’re the same word for word, and that’s not going to help your site get ranked. In addition, PLR articles are no longer that effective in establishing backlinks for your site either. With an article builder for Senuke, you’ll get articles that are constructed based on the keyword, topic, category and subtopic you chose.

Unique and High Quality Articles

A good article builder doesn’t just offer the above feature, but the software has an extensive database so each article it creates is different. And as you might expect, one of the benefits of article spinner and article builder is they produce high quality content, nothing like the gibberish that comes from low quality article builders and spinners.

If you’re looking for an article builder, make sure that you check the company’s website for information and if possible, a demonstration of how the program works. This is very important since you don’t want to pay for an application without knowing what it can do. For an article builder to work with Senuke, the writers must be native English speakers and offer a database covering different topics. The wider the topic coverage the better, but make sure that the content is readable and doesn’t look like it was generated by a machine.

For instance, Article Builder generates their articles off a Super Spun document designed to generate a wide array of unique articles. While you’re looking for an article builder that you can integrate with Senuke, make sure that it gives you an idea of how the program works and a percentage of each article’s uniqueness (80% or higher is ideal).

What Makes for a Good Article Spinner?

If you’re looking for the best spinner you need to do the same kind of research that you did with an article builder. A high quality spinner for Senuke for instance, should come with a comprehensive English thesaurus with millions of words. While these words can be automatically added by a machine, it would be better if the words were put in by real users as that would make the words more realistic and natural. And with cloud technology very much in vogue, a cloud thesaurus will come in handy as well.

One of the most important features that a spinner for Senuke should possess is the ability to rewrite sentences automatically and fully. One of the problems with some spinners for Senuke is they don’t rewrite well or completely so there’s a good portion of the article that is still very much like the original. Of course these features should not compromise the ease of use.

Other Features a Senuke Spinner Should Have

More and more websites are using languages other than English, and if you want to expand your audience you need to look into this aspect as well. In particular, it’s recommended that you get an article spinner that doesn’t just manually spin articles but also lets you create a custom thesaurus for different languages.

The other thing you need to consider is the interface, because just like an article builder you need a program that’s fully functional and yet easy to use. After all, the reason you got the program is to speed up your work and make it easier to rewrite articles. Aside from an intuitive interface, it will be easier to auto spin articles if there’s unlimited nested spinning.

Unlimited nested spinning simply means being able to go as deep as necessary, and of course the program has to be fast. An auto rewrite function would be nice as well as a word replacement function. In addition, a Senuke article spinner should have an auto saving feature of the words you frequently use, so you don’t have to start over whenever you need to spin an article. The more convenient features that an article spinner has, the more you should consider using it. Granted that Senuke is a powerful program, but an easy to use spinner is still necessary if you want to get the most out of it.

Last but not the least, the best spinner for Senuke must have a built in plagiarism checker so you can verify the uniqueness of the articles that the software produced. This is an absolutely essential tool to have so you don’t end up with duplicate content on your site. At the same time, a spinner that includes a top notch checker is an indication of just how good and original the content is.

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