The Best and Most Helpful Article Rewriting Tips

Article rewriting seems easy, but it takes some work to produce articles that will interest readers. This doesn’t mean you have to write everything from scratch, but you need to make the appropriate changes so it captures the attention of your intended readers. Remember the following: people who read on the web are looking for something and when they find it, get out of the site, so make sure your article provides the answer they’re looking for.

Write an Attention Grabbing Title

Simply put, an attractive title will draw the attention of the reader, and an uninformative one will make them want to look elsewhere. Choose a title that will convince them to continue reading. It can be long or short, but don’t make it too long, just enough to give the reader an idea of what your article is about. As long as your title is clear and engaging, it should be fine. The worst thing you can do is use a title that will leave users wondering what the article is about as that will just turn them off. And finally, connect them with the title, meaning use “you” or “your” so there’s instant attachment.

Rewriting the Introduction and the Article Body

This means reworking the original title’s introduction and using your own words or rephrasing. The introduction doesn’t have to be the same length but must contain enough information to give them an idea of what the rest of your article contains.

This approach can also be used with the rest of the article’s body, as you just have to rephrase the words in the article and make them your own. If there are long sentences in the original, rewrite them so they’re shorter. Conversely if some sentences seem too short, expound on it. Depending on the sentence and the topic, you may also combine some sentences into one so they’re easier for the reader to digest.

Rearranging Paragraphs and Adding Other Details

For article marketing to work you need to go beyond rewriting sentences and titles, as you also have to change the order of paragraphs so your article looks different, but it must not hinder the flow. In addition, you may also add other bits of information that will provide insights for the reader. For instance, if the article is about tinnitus, mention how difficult it was for you, and you may also mention a product or service and add your affiliate link. You can also do a quick research and get some common tinnitus symptoms, or the number of people afflicted with the condition.

rewritingYou can also add interest and variety to your article by adding an image or a chart. Don’t fill it up with too many images though as they will only muddle things, and use an image only if you think it will help clarify a point in the article. Remember that people’s eyes pause when they see an image so use that to your advantage.

Other Ways to Make Your Article Unique

If your article requires keywords, place them in strategic locations such as the title, the first paragraph, the middle and last paragraph as that is where your readers’ eyes are likely to rest. Keep in mind that users don’t read articles on websites like they do with books, as their eyes are scanning the article looking for pertinent information. You can aid a reader by adding headers to your articles, another important aspect of unique content creation. By placing headers to your article your readers will see which sections have the information they are looking for.

In addition to this you can make your rewrite look even better by using a thesaurus. Use it as a guide for replacing the words in the original article with synonyms so the words differ but the meaning the same. If one of the paragraphs looks like a good candidate for bullets, use it. Bullets are very effective in highlighting certain aspects of the topic.

Use White Space and Know the Reading Pattern

White space means you should break long paragraphs into readable chunks because no reader is going to read a wall of text with no breaks or headers. As mentioned earlier you should use headers and get straight to the point, and that’s the reason why you need to pay a lot of attention to the title and first sentence, as they are the “hooks”.

The other thing you need to remember when rewriting articles is that most people read in an F-shaped pattern. That is, they read across first then go down, reading a short distance and lastly, scan down the left side of the webpage, forming the letter F. Armed with this knowledge you can now arrange your article so that the important content will be on the left side of the page. You should place the rewritten content there as well as the bullets and headings so it catches their eye. Using this strategy the reader’s eyes will be drawn to the rest of the text and make them read the rest of the article.

The other thing you need to focus on when rewriting articles is clarity. Do not just replace words in the original article with synonyms, and instead clarify things. Most of the time readers like short sentences, but if a long sentence is required, use it. Whether the sentence is long or short, make it easy to understand and don’t use fluff. Fluff means any words that don’t add any substance to the article and just increase its length. If your article has to be of a certain length, add relevant information and don’t just stretch the original sentences.

The last point is very important if you have to manually spin articles because at the end of the day, the article has to be clear and easy to understand. People who visit your site are looking for value, and your article should be able to provide it. In other words, you have to structure the content in a way that will appeal to readers.

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