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Ideally the content of your website should be all original, but we know that’s not always possible due to time constraints and other issues. But that doesn’t mean you have to plagiarize because you can resort to article rewriting, as this will provide you with the means of dishing out original content without the difficulties that come with writing an original. The following are some of the things you should try if you plan to rewrite some articles.

Pay Attention to the Title

So much attention is focused on an article’s content that the title is often overlooked, and that’s a mistake because that is the first thing your readers will read. If you’re going to rewrite an article, change the title into something that grabs people’s attention and make them want to read. Don’t settle for something generic because it is the title that will make the reader want to read or skip your article. Even if your article comes up during a search, an unattractive and meaningless title will drive them away.

Some people make a big deal about the length of an article title, but it really doesn’t matter if it’s long or short as what matters are the words and if they can hook the reader. For a spun article to be effective, the title should give an indication of the content and be engaging. The title will depend on the content of course, but words like “you” “how to” and “tips” always catch a reader’s attention. Bottom line: if your title isn’t catchy and informative, readers won’t click and read it. 

The Opening Paragraph is Important

Apart from the title, the opening paragraph is the single most important part of the article. Take a good look at the original paragraph and reword in a way that the original message is kept or enhanced. As any article marketing expert will tell you, the opening paragraph is where you will either hook or lose your reader. The opening sentences have to provide sufficient content so the reader becomes eager to read the rest.

Work on the Rest of the Article

If you have an article spinner it will provide you with the synonyms, words and expressions to make the changes. If you are rewriting manually don’t just focus on replacing a few words here and there with their synonyms. While that approach is easier, the resulting article may appear disjointed and forced, so you should instead rework the sentences and write something similar. To make it easier just ask yourself how you would say those words that are written in the article. Another thing you can do is change the layout and arrangement of the article’s content. For instance you can switch the header positions after changing some of the words, giving the article a fresh look. You may also add some graphics to increase interest.

When rewriting content read each section you want to revise and think which parts should be expounded upon and which should be edited or left out, and also be on the lookout for sentences or even paragraphs that are too short or long that you can work on. As pointed out earlier, rewriting an article involves more than just inserting a few new words here and there as you need to make the piece your own.

Add New Content

One of the secrets to unique content creation is to add new content. At first it seems as if that’s going against the very purpose of rewriting, but really it doesn’t as just because you are rewriting an article doesn’t mean you can’t add something that’s actually new. Suppose you come across information on the original article that’s outdated; obviously you should update it and perhaps add a few more details here and there.

There are several items that you can add to an article such as bullets, a new section, and other pieces of information. The type of information you should add depends on the article, but a good option would be product suggestions, additional tips or examples. Depending on your article you may mention towards the end a product or service that you are promoting.

Stuff You Should Avoid

Don’t rely on a spinner alone to do the work. Once the spinner has done its job look over the article and check if there is anything that needs to be changed. Second, don’t add any unnecessary content to the article just to make it look different from the original as there’s a big difference between adding extra details and putting in fluff. The rule of thumb is if the content has nothing to do with the topic at hand and doesn’t help the reader, then it doesn’t belong in your article.

Do not rewrite your articles like you are writing a novel since Internet users read content differently. People use the Internet to look for information and they expect to find it quickly. That’s something your article has to provide so no matter what the topic is, your article has to provide the facts clearly and in a manner that your reader will find easy to understand. This last point is particularly important because even the most informative article is useless if it’s written in a way that readers cannot comprehend. Don’t rewrite your article and fill it with it too much information that will overwhelm the reader. Instead focus on the specifics and only that, adding relevant facts only if they are missing from the original and you feel they will add value to the content.

You may have heard that Internet users don’t read articles continuously but rather scan it to find the information they are looking for. That’s true but it doesn’t mean you can get careless with the rewrite. The fact that your reader will be scanning is more reason to write good content when you manually spin articles because if the information is relevant, they will pause and read. An article, even if it is rewritten, can still function as well as the original if the information contained is relevant and satisfies the requirements of the reader.

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