How to Use the Best Spinner with SEnuke XCr

If you’re serious about rewriting articles you’ll no doubt have heard of SEnuke XCr, the software used to create backlinks for websites. While it’s an effective piece of software, it works much better when used with the Best Spinner (TBS), a program that was launched back in 2009. If you’re into Internet marketing or anything related, you need an application that can write and rewrite articles, as it remains the fastest way to reach out to people and increase your website’s visibility. TBS can do just that.

SEnuke XCr and TBS Integration

After SEnuke XCR was released, users found themselves faced with its integration with the TBS software, and while some users were immediately happy others weren’t sure how to react. But it really doesn’t matter now since it’s the article spinner that’s bundled with SEnuke XCr, so you need to learn how to use it. And the good news is there are a lot of interesting and useful features on the program that increases the functionality of SEnuke XCr.

TBS Overview

The software was created by Jonathan Leger, and from the beginning long time users of SEnuke XCr were able to see how well it could work with SEnuke XCr. What the software does basically is to generate different versions of the same article, so rather than rewrite one from scratch, you use this software to produce a whole bunch. While there are a lot of article spinning programs available, this is different because its features and interface are aimed directly at content creators and Internet marketers.

Since the program was launched, and even prior to its integration with SEnuke XCr, it was known for being frequently updated, and whatever bugs existed in the program were fixed quickly. Because of the company’s quick response to customer inquiries it quickly became one of the most popular article spinners around.

Integration with SEnuke XCr

Originally SEnuke XCr was released with ContentBoss as the article spinner, but later on it was announced that the program would be replaced with Leger’s TBS for article rewriting. While some people might lament this change, a quick look at the facts will show that you’ll get more value for your money with TBS. Leger’s program is also easier to use as you just need to enter your TBS username and password and start using it.

Once you’ve got TBS, you can use it with SEnuke XCr to spin practically any aspect of your campaign including the Video Creation Module, Web 2.0 Module, and the modules for press release, social bookmarking, article directory, social network, author and “about me”. Aside from availing of SEnuke’s article shortening capability, TBS integrated content generation so even a new user will have little problem using it.

TBS Features and Application

One of the reasons why using TBS with SEnuke XCr is less complicated is the program uses standard spinning syntax so you don’t have to start over again if you’ve been using another spinning program. In addition, TBS includes a comprehensive guide and support so if there’s a problem or you need help, it’s available. It’s also worth pointing out that the Best Spinner includes a Private Label Rights management utility if you want it.

Aside from those already mentioned, TBS has an extensive thesaurus database, over a million, that you can use with SEnuke XCr, and there’s support for different languages such as Swedish, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese, perfect if you’re writing and working with multiple languages. The built-in thesaurus moreover, can be customized to suit your needs, plus there’s no limit to the nested spinning and level spinning you can do.

As capable as SEnuke XCr is, there are some limitations with the program, but the integration of TBS has helped overcome it. For instance, TBS allows you to save a list of your favorite synonyms, handy so you don’t have to repeat the process, and the included grammar and spelling tool will help speed up your article marketing efforts. You can also use the program built-in checker or Copyscape option to ensure all your articles are original, saving you a lot of trouble and hassle down the road.

Not only is TBS fully integrated with SEnuke XCr, but you can export the content to another spin format if you want, so in short just about everything you need to spin articles is right here.

TBS Guides and Tutorials

For all its features though, TBS isn’t that hard to use, and even if you have no knowledge of rewriting articles or spinning them, the included videos and tutorials will get you started on the right track. It also helps that the GUI is user friendly and it should present no problems to anyone who wants to learn how to use the program. You can spin articles in a number of ways including Nested Spin, Paragraph Spin, Sentence Spin, Word/Phrase Spin, Flat Spin or EasySpin. Now if you’re busy and don’t have time to do things manually, just click “AutoRewrite” and the program will spin the article for you.

One of the newer features of TBS is the Super Spinner, a very effective tool for unique content creation. With this feature you’ll have an easier time spinning sentences and paragraphs. It’s not so much a new feature really as it is a small application that pops up in a new window when you use it. Super Spinner was developed particularly for Super Spun files, but you can use this to un-spun articles too.

It takes some time to get used to this new feature, but it’s something worth studying as it makes spinning that much easier. Even if you’re a novice, the Super Spinner works perfectly well with SEnuke XCr, and once you learn it you’ll be able to generate high quality content with just one click.

The bottom line is that TBS makes SEnuke XCr much better. The two of them work together well, and while the Best Spinner is not cheap, it’s better to pay for high quality software than stick with an inferior program that never produces good results or worse gets your site into trouble.

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