Creating Unique Content with the Best Article Spinner

Anyone who’s done any sort of SEO knows that you need to produce unique content for your articles to attract users and avoid getting penalized by Google. However, writing articles from scratch is very difficult and time consuming. Fortunately you can use an article spinner for unique content creation.

Article Spinning Overview

This simply means taking an article and modifying the words so while the meaning or message is the same, the words and phrasing are different, making it an original work. As you can see, this can help you in several ways, not the least being it provides you with a larger footprint than would otherwise be possible.

To understand its importance, you need to remember that your article, to be specific the words in it, are the means by which you can bring users to your website and check out your product, service or brand. If the content is unique people will talk about it and provide your site the publicity and exposure it needs. Article spinning does more than just boost your word count, as you can also use it to provide new content to your site or blog quickly.

Your blog needs new content but you don’t have time to write a fresh piece every day, but with a spinner you can just spin your own articles and in just a few minutes you have a new article or blog post. Using this method your blog will never run out of content.

Features to Look for in a Spinner

If you’re looking for a spinner you won’t have difficulty since there’s plenty available. Now that people are aware of the benefits of article spinner, several programs and plugins have been developed to meet the demand. Aside from spinning, the plugin should let you determine specific provisions in the spinning process. Second, it should be easy to use and not require any complex configuration setup.

Since there are a lot of options you should check each one and decide what is best. Some spinners are web based so you don’t need to download anything, as all you have to do is copy the article you want to spin, click a button and off you go. Other spinners are more complex and have additional features, but only you can decide if you need those.

Using Keywords and Sustaining Reader Interest

Bear in mind that a spinner is a tool you use to augment your site’s content, but in many cases you still have to do a bit of editing after spinning. One of the things you should look for when writing or rewriting articles is the keyword. Keywords are essential for SEO but unlike in the past you can’t stuff your spun article with it since search engines will penalize your site. Rather than overloading your post with keywords, use variations of the keyword that are relevant. This approach will deliver the message you want to impart to your readers.

You also need to sustain your readers’ interest in your article. It doesn’t matter if they are reading your spun article or an original one you wrote, as it is absolutely critical that the content is informative and interesting. No matter what the topic is, readers will move on if the writing style is boring or if the terms used are hard to understand.

How to Format Rewritten Articles

These days it is pretty easy to auto spin articles, but that is only one stage of the process. You also need to format your article in such a way that will attract readers. First of all you should have enough white space and headers as people don’t like reading long paragraphs. The headers are important in long articles because they function like navigators, telling the reader what the information below it is about.

Graphics can be a double edged sword when it comes to articles as it can distract or complement the content. You may use a graphic image to make your article even more unique and different from the one you spun, but don’t overdo it since they can be distracting. This rule can also be applied to text actually, as you need to make sure there isn’t any fluff in your article. This means every word and sentence has to be relevant to the topic. It’s hard to emphasize this point because if a reader notices the article is going off topic they will look for another site that offers the information they are looking for.

Writing Style Matters

Before you spin an article make sure that the original article’s writing style is suitable for the intended audience. Most articles should be written in a friendly, personal tone like you are talking to the reader. However the tone should be different if you’re writing a technical piece, as the style should be more “serious”. In other words you need to match the article content with the writing style. This isn’t just a matter of scoring style points but also of establishing credibility. No matter how well spun an article is, it won’t be credible if the content seems like it wasn’t written by someone conversant on the subject.

Understanding the Web Reader’s Mind

What you need to understand is that with few exceptions, people who read articles on the Internet are looking for something in particular. For this reason you need to structure your article around the subject your reader is looking for. If your articles are going to be about treating diabetes for instance, the title and introduction should be written so that it will compel the reader to continue reading. If these elements are missing no one will read your article.

Even if you have the best article spinner it won’t deliver the results you are looking for if the source is poorly written or off topic. But if the content is properly written then you can spin it as often as you like and get the results your site needs. In other words, a spinner can be the perfect tool to build content for your site.


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