Basics of an Article Spinner and Rewriter

For those not in the know, article spinning is a search engine optimization technique where search engine optimizers post a unique version of an article will slightly altered content but ultimately is still the same article. Spinning works by having an article and rewriting it or rewriting only part of it. This is essentially done to avoid the penalties that are incurred for using duplicated content. Keep in mind that you can spin content you yourself write all you like but to spin content that someone else wrote and to claim it as your own is plagiarizing and illegal.

While you can do manual spinning, most people would opt for software that automatically spins the content. Manual spinning has higher quality for certain but unless you’re actually being paid to spin the content, automatic is usually the way to go. These automatic spinning software have built in thesaurus and multitudes of possible word combinations to help restructure a sentence in the content. The main problem with automatic spinning is that often times the program will not understand the context of the word choice of any given sentence. For those, you have to go manual.

I would now like to introduce to you an online program called The Best Spinner. The Best Spinner is currently the most powerful and the most popular article spinning software on the market. The Best Spinner is noted for its massive user-built thesaurus. This “Cloud Thesaurus” is claimed by The Best Spinner website to be the absolute best English language thesaurus on the planet. The Best Spinner also has automatic full sentence rewriting functionality. The level of spinning can be adjusted from just a few words, to sentences, to entire paragraphs that can be spun. As an added bonus, The Best Spinner also comes with a built-in “TBS Check” or Copyscape API to make sure that your spun articles will still come up as unique on search engines.

Usually, The Best Spinner is available for $77 a year. However, currently available is The Best Spinner Discount where you can get the program for $37 a year. The Best Spinner is available with discount on If you are in need of any articles that need to be spun so that they won’t get penalized on search engines, why not give The Best Spinner a try? You will certainly be able to give what you write a new spin.

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